A Better Way To
Grow Your Business

Growing your business becomes easier when you open your doors to all humans, the abled and the
. Since there are nearly 50% of the population had some type of 'different-ability' and require minor changes on your website, to make it accessible to all humans. 

Be Proud. Be Human.

About Being Accessible To All Humans

A perfect example of how doing the right thing ends up benefiting you in the end.

You know by now that businesses both small and large have been hit with lawsuits for not complying with the ADA laws also called WCAG 2.1, which is Website Content Accessibility Guidelines.

There are many people, in fact over 50% in the United States with some form of disability, be it visual, or something else.
Since this is a large group, many websites have partitioned them off, mainly from ignorance, ad not intentionally. These millions of potential customers, clients and patients want access to what you have to say, show and sell, be it your services or goods.

It is estimated that the services and goods by this group of us is $640 billion. So by doing the right thing and making your website accessible to a large group of people, you will be opening the doors for them to seek and find your services.

There is also another benefit, that your ranking could be affected positively when you become compliant.​​​​​​

Be Proud to Be Human.
Be Human.

Questions that you might be asking are:

So how do I get compliant?
You might also be wondering if you need it in the first place. You may or you may not.

It depends on whether you already had it done, and how well

Sometimes even if you had it done before it may not have covered all the items. So it might be a good idea to check one more time for free, If everything checks out, you are home free, and off the hook, for now, as the regulations as you know change, not too infrequently.

Now there is a way to check for free, without having to provide your email or anything, online. You get a basic idea, and then if you want a deeper analysis and report, you may have to provide a way to have the deeper analysis and report sent to you.

​​​​​​​Next time we will discuss more about how it works.
Meanwhile you can get your free, no obligation report at acsble.com

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